Falcon 9 reusability trend data

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This graph is updated monthly.

The number of reuses of a Falcon 9 booster and days between reuse of the same booster. Updated as of the Falcon 9 launch of March 3, 2023.

What do all this data and this rather complicated graph say?

There is not much scatter on the days between the reuse of any given Falcon 9 booster. Most recently, SpaceX is turning boosters around to fly again in about 80 days.

There is more scatter in the number of times boosters are reused, with the 10-point moving average recently trending up to nearly 8 reuses, then down to less than 3, and back up again to just over 5 reuses. This reflects looking back only to the past 10 flights and new boosters coming online. A longer view looking at the reusability trend is to notice SpaceX has bought online only 11 new boosters in the last 100 launched boosters.