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  1. Introduction, April 6, 2021Technology stagnation and NASA – problem and opportunity
  2. NASA’s (really) declining budget
  3. Sustainability and Space Exploration
  4. Reusability, priceless.
  5. NASA’s human spaceflight strategy, sustainability and growth
  6. Commercial space and six questions for a good story – Pt. 1 of 3 (wonkish)
  7. Commercial space and six questions for a good story – Pt. 2 of 3 (wonkish)
  8. The flow managers glossary
  9. Commercial space and six questions for a good story – Pt. 3 of 3 (wonkish)
  10. The case of the $5,000 socket
  11. Reusability – legs and fins or wings and things?
  12. X-33 – the middle path?
  13. I’m with the AI, and I’m here to help
  14. You can’t always get what you want, but…
  15. It’s not what it looks like – the cost of ISS per year
  16. Of external tanks and Starships
  17. The rise, fall and rise again of refueling – in space
  18. What’s old is new again – more on refueling in space
  19. Drawing the short straw
  20. The best laid schemes of NASA
  21. Revisiting commercial space and NASA
  22. A picture worth a thousand words
  23. New space, a Rorschach test
  24. Here there be dragons
  25. Please phrase your answer in the form of a question
  26. Parallels
  27. Not in our stars
  28. Contrasts
  29. The call, spacesuits, and everything else
  30. It’s a system
  31. The valley of death
  32. NASA – TNG
  33. The unreliable narrator
  34. When less is more
  35. Natural and Artificial Flavors Added
  36. Planning, for space exploration, development, and commerce
  37. Commercial space stations and NASA savings – would you like to do the math?
  38. Commercial space stations begin shifting the conversation to “why space”?
  39. The scale of NASA, the global space economy, and commercial space to come
  40. Space Councils, events, technology, and NASA are all evolving – but towards what?
  41. A little Space memorabilia – “The next giant leap”
  42. “In the end…”
  43. How space policy can successfully meet up with space projects
  44. Unburying the lede
  45. A review of the ASAP review of NASA
  46. Breaking the speed of analogies
  47. Are you happy, on average?
  48. A book review – “XX” by Rian Hughes
  49. It ain’t over till it’s over
  50. Two reports, two NASAs?
  51. NASA – join the club?
  52. Life finds a way
  53. Make good choices!
  54. Inflation, NASA’s budget, and ambition
  55. Useful answers – the cost of NASA spacecraft
  56. A book review – “The Dawn of Everything” by David Graeber and David Wengrow
  57. Monty Hall, goats, the odds, and new rockets
  58. One word: Propellant
  59. Financial risk, spaceflight, and the questions we ask
  60. Of Starships and spaceplanes, and roads less traveled
  61. About Starships, and the (not what you think) reusability we need
  62. NASA, aerospace, and optimism – in search of the right setting
  63. Latest post, June 27, 2022Rocketry – is it more like baking, or cooking?

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