Flashback Friday – when once NASA reused a spaceship

Occasionally, I will post some items you won’t find anywhere online, on the belief that just as we never know where we may end up, it’s best to upload to the cloud while we can.

Welcome to the first entry for “Flashback Friday.”

Kennedy Space Center Spaceport News, November 20, 1981 “Orbiter Columbia Returns to Space”

Orbiter Columbia Returns to Space
Paperwork makes a tall Shuttle Stack! “If all the copies of the OMIs (Operations and Maintenance Instructions) that were printed to support the first launch of the Space Shuttle were stacked atop one another, the tower of paper would rise 2,000 feet above the roof of the VAB. It would be nearly twice as tall as the world’s tallest building – the Sears Tower in Chicago.” (I’m not sure I would be bragging about this one.)
New computerized information systems recently acquired by the KSC library…
Space Shuttle mission STS-2, “The need to change out an important piece of onboard equipment the night before the launch delayed liftoff by about two and a half hours.”
“Smooth as glass, Houston…” -message from Columbia, 2 minutes, 25 seconds into flight.
The Hubble Space Telescope was taking shape before it was “Hubble.”
Silver Snoopy awards to Anderson, Arnold, Ash, Best, Bond, Brown, Cassisi, Casteel. Daubb, David, Fore, Greenberg, Hardcastle, Harrison, Holley, Johnson, Kershaw, Lord, Merrit, Miranda, Moist, Moore, Morris, Overstreet, Rumsay, Sheldon, Wallace, Weakland and Williams.
Recovery challenged by rough seas. Parts reused on boosters.

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