It’s getting awful crowded out there – Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station

This map updates a much older version from Kennedy Space Center (available here) for the recent news of the Space Force allocating three historic launch pads to four companies (Relativity, ABL Space Systems, Stoke Space, and Vaya Space.)

How time flies.

Once long ago NASA looked at Kennedy Space Center and the Cape as a future multi-modal port, for sea, air, land, and space transportation.

Perhaps one day a train may take people directly from the Orlando airport to the cruise ships, Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach. Or someone will grab the skid strip, launching spaceplanes horizontally to the east. Need a longer runway, try the Shuttle Landing Facility, 15,000 feet long.

A vision of Kennedy’s future, circa 1999. Credit: The Vision Spaceport partnership, artwork by Pat Rawlings. (This arrangement between the government and the private sector was a “partnership” before the word and contract approach was in vogue.)

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